Make the First Move

Make the First Move Don’t play hard to get: You won’t get got. You’re out of high school now, if you are interested in someone, be it male or female, go ahead and talk to them. Ask them to dance, ask them out for a meal, or a walk. Be open to that request and take a chance.

Game Playing: There are books written on “game” for guys and how to manipulate women and it is predicated on certain typical behavior in most women. One of the most common is based on the saying “women always want the shoes another woman has”. Women in general tend to be attracted to guys that have women around them, pictures of themselves with different women on social media, or at events. It’s called upping his value. Ladies should be aware of this behavior in themselves and not succumb to it

Guys have a bad habit of not being interested in a woman who makes it too easy and lose interest quickly in one that makes it too hard, this isn’t easy for a woman to deal with the fine line to walk on showing too much or too little interest.

Communicate: The simplest way to meet people and have a successful conversation is to openly communicate and be honest. You don’t need to over share, but be clear and have fun.

Follow the promptings of the spirit: If you’ve been praying to meet someone and you feel prompted to attend some function and you get there and see someone you’re attracted to, then you need to talk to them and not wait for them to talk to you. You were the one praying, you were the one moved, that person wasn’t necessarily doing the same, so it is incumbent on you to follow through.

2015-12-16 Shawn Gordon Dating, Communication

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