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Our advanced and savable search criteria allows you to absolutely limit who you see and who sees you. No more "hey there" from 2,000 miles away if you don't want it.

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Leave public feedback about someone, maybe you have no chemistry but they are a great person, you can let others know that too. Make personal notes about others and keep track of your thoughts right where you'll see it.

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Tired of seeing the same people recommended to you no matter how many times you say "no"? Our system knows when "no means no", once you block someone, you won't know they exist until you unblock them.

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While we don’t exclude non-members, we think it is important for you to know if someone is a church member or not, so we’ve done as much as possible to get that information and make it available to you.

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Fast and easy modern chat like messaging. This isn’t your Grandpa's email, this is the latest in integrated communication so that nothing gets lost or forgotten.

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We strive to provide as many features for free as possible while keeping the site ad-free. Premium membership includes features like extra photos, messaging, live chat, profile badges, saveable and bi-directionally applied search criteria, etc.

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