About LDS Dimension

Welcome to LDS Dimension, the next generation online dating community for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. LDS Dimension was founded and built by LDS members, for LDS members and we take great care to ensure the system is not abused by non-members. While non-members can create an account, we will ask you to at least optionally provide the name of your Stake. LDS Dimension makes online dating simple and fun for their members. We provide an easy to use and convenient forum for LDS singles to meet and make those special connections.

With LDS Dimension you can create your own biography, add pictures, video, chat, email, flirt and most important, SEARCH for the person you are looking for. Many other sites do not provide for accurate search results and that is something we’ve spent a great deal of effort ensuring is rectified with LDS Dimension. You will get results, and show up in the results, for exactly the people you’ve defined in your search criteria. Find that special relationship you are looking for on LDS Dimension.

Whether you are looking for your Eternal Companion, a pen pal, a friend or even people to network with, LDS Dimension is your resource to connect. Don’t wait, sign up today in just a few minutes for your free account.


As the legend goes, it was just before Christmas 2012 and two LDS brothers, who happened to also be web designers and single, one recently divorced, the other recently back from a mission, were talking about the state of the LDS singles scene. Sure, there were other LDS dating sites, but these weren't LDS owned, they were owned by much more massive matchmaking companies and these niche sites only provided a dribble of revenue, so those sites languished and left many users frustrated.

In examining their own experience and talking with many other singles, they sat down and created a modern and unique service, specifically for single members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

One of the brothers is in Southern California, the other in Utah, and are well known within their respective communities. This is a site and service you can really get involved with, use and influence.