Attraction on Display: Danny and Sandy

Attraction on Display: Danny and Sandy In the classic 1978 movie “Grease”, the main characters showcase what powerful male and female attraction is all about. That is mainly why this musical is still highly popular all these decades later. Danny Zuko (played by John Travolta) and Sandra “Sandy” Dee (played by Olivia Newton John) not only have a strong attraction and chemistry together, but they also demonstrate the classic, powerful traits of male and female attraction in general. Being aware of these traits can illustrate and clarify what really attracts the opposite sex. This knowledge can also help singles know areas they can (reasonably) work on to help create more initial dating opportunities, as well as dispel confusion on the subject. As a homework assignment, you may wish to watch this movie (again), taking note of the attraction traits highlighted in this article.

Danny Zuko--Bad Boy with a Heart of Gold:

*Looks: Played by a young, athletic John Travolta, Danny Zuko has classic bad boy looks with style, edge, and flash. Tall, dark, handsome, athletic.

*Money/Resources: though not rich, Danny has his own car (the red one he uses to take Sandy to the drive inn) and buys he and Sandy full, large meals at the local Frosty Palace restaurant. Danny seems to have move money than the rest of his “broke” friends, perhaps from a job and/or money from his parents.

*Conversational Abilities: At the beginning of the movie, Danny spends the entire summer with Sandy at the beach talking, flirting, listening, and showing good interpersonal skills. Apart from when he is in front of his friends, he consistently speaks and listens well to Sandy.

*Confidence: Danny shows confidence the entire movie. And even though this confidence sometimes spills over to bad boy cockiness and attitude when around his friends, she is still strongly attracted to him. As evidence, watch Sandy after she breaks up with Danny when he gives her some attitude at the high school pep rally. She snaps at him and runs off, but then sings the famous song declaring her continued love for him: “hopelessly devoted to you”. She’s clearly still into him.

*Bonus: Danny was also a great dancer, which is always a winning male trait.

Sandra “Sandy” Dee--Classic Girl Next Door:

*Looks: Olivia Newton John plays Sandy as a very attractive, cute blonde that is athletic and in shape. She is immediately invited onto the cheerleading squad at school with her looks and pep, and Danny and his 4 friends all find her very attractive. A classic “California blonde” modest, good look.

*Niceness: Sandy’s role is that of a strongly kind, considerate, affectionate girl. She is giving, shows empathy, and has a strong nurturing side. She demonstrates the classic “girl next door” archetype which never goes out of style to men. And when Danny messes up and apologizes along the way, she promptly forgives him.

*Happy: Sandy demonstrates a perky, peppy disposition as her default mood. Even her brief bad moods at points of conflict quickly turn around to positivity soon thereafter. Most of her moods are positive. She smiles, jokes, flirts, and melts Danny over and over again.

*Fun: At get togethers, Sandy is fun and has a good time. Whether she is hanging out with the other “Pink Ladies”, spending time with Danny, or is with the entire group, she has a good time and is naturally the center of attention without even trying. Sandy radiates fun and happiness. She gets along with and enjoys time with everyone.

Final Thoughts:

When you watch the movie (again, for most people) and you examine Danny and Sandy, their attractive traits stand out and become obvious. Even though none of us will ever be a young/talented John Travolta or Olivia Newton John, we can all work to be more attractive in these ways. The more attractive we are in these ways, the more initial dating opportunities we will have. You can’t have a long-term relationship unless you can start a relationship. Simple formula: people give those they are attracted to the dating opportunities, and if they are not attracted to you, they probably will not.

Once you use mutual attraction to begin dating someone, how you treat each other from there will determine if the relationship has long term potential. Too often only one part of the equation or the other is emphasized. Successful relationships require initial attraction and healthy continued nurturance and maintenance from there. Please be aware of both parts of the equation and work on both accordingly. Attractive elements are the gateway to a relationship, and good mutual treatment of each other are the path from there. And remember that “…neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.”—1 Corinthians 11:11.

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