Introduction to Our New Columnist, Dr G

Introduction to Our New Columnist, Dr G Hello, my name is Dr Randy Gilchrist and I am excited to offer my writing services to LDS Dimension. I believe in members helping other members. The mission and philosophy of LDS Dimension is that unlike other LDS dating sites, this site is created by members, for members. Therefore, I offered my contributions here to support quality LDS dating at a site I have confidence and trust in. Basically, I'll be sharing my thoughts, insights, and wisdom gained as a long time LDS psychologist to give you as much of an advantage as possible in the wild world of online dating.
As a contributor to LDS Dimension, I'll be writing regular Question and Answer columns. To contact me and have your question considered for a written column, please email me now at (your identifying information will not be included in posts). I will also be writing periodic articles on issues important to the LDS dating world. I look forward to supporting you on your exciting dating journey!
Dr. G

Randy Gilchrist, PsyD
1899 East Roseville Parkway #100
Roseville, CA 95661

2015-12-10 Randy Gilchrist Dating

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Hello, my name is Dr. Randy Gilchrist (aka "Dr. G"). I am a licensed clinical psychologist, a licensed marriage & family therapist, and a certified hypnotherapist in private practice in Roseville, CA (, practicing since 1997. Also, I am happily married in the temple (Manti) since 1996 and have 4 sons. I am a volunteer writer and contributor to LDS Dimension. I use my training, education, and experience to share insights with LDS Dimension on all things of interest to the LDS dating community. Please read my articles and columns on this site to assist you in your online dating journey. Also, to be considered for an answer in a future Q and A column, please email me your dating/relationship oriented questions to Finally, I also offer a powerful, effective worldwide custom hypnosis recording service just for LDS Dimension members for weight loss, pornography, and many other issues of concern to those in the LDS dating community (please learn more now at; email me questions to