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Improving Your Mood A common challenge for singles is mood. To attract a new dating partner it is important to show an attractive attitude. However, if you are in a depressed or anxious mood, the prospects of attracting another shrink away or even disappear. In an earlier article I wrote about having an attractive attitude. You may wish to read that article later (see: The purpose of this article is to help you improve your mood to not only help you to have a more attractive attitude, but will help you to be a healthier, happier person in general.

Common Mood Challenges:

The most common types of unhappy/negative moods include depression (including feelings of sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, helplessness, feeling down), anxiety (such as insecurity, worry, concern, or paranoia), anger (like feeling mad, upset, resentful, irritated, frustrated, or annoyed), and/or guilt (feeling regretful, remorseful, or beating yourself up). These negative moods and emotional states can be very understandable for different reasons, yet tend to feel miserable and repel other people. Plus, these undesirable states detract from your overall quality of life. Triggers for these states can come from many places: social/relational problems, career/economic problems, physical problems, spiritual problems, past traumatic stress, etc. Whatever the source(s), the real question becomes what to do about it.

Ideas to Improve Your Mood:

*Physical Adjustments—make an improvement with your eating, exercise/physical activity, or sleep patterns. You can eat a healthy snack or meal, get some exercise such as by taking a walk or going to the gym, or adjust your sleeping patterns in a better way. You might also consider a mood boosting supplement or prescribed medication (like an antidepressant). Simply put, it is hard to feel better emotionally if you feel off physically.

*Social Adjustments—a great way to improve your mood is to socialize. Interacting with other positive, supportive friends or family members is a great way to improve your mood. In addition, chatting to respectful people you share common interests with in person or online can also be good. Such social interactions can help lift you out of focusing on yourself as you connect with others. However, only socialize if you are in control your negative mood enough for this to be positive and productive.

*Behavioral Adjustments—this is where you simply do something that will act as a positive mood booster. The options here are endless but most good behavioral ideas can be figured out by simply remembering what kinds of positive things you have done in the past that have effectively boosted your mood. You might have a favorite hobby or activity from your recent past or even a long time ago. You might engage in a work project or job that will help you feel productive or constructive. Finally, you may wish to consider doing something new if it sounds interesting or fun. The main idea here: do something positive and healthy to feel better. And don’t do something impulsive, addictive, and regrettable.

*Spiritual Adjustments—consider exposing yourself to certain uplifting materials that somehow inspire you to elevate your mood through hope, encouragement, and thankfulness. Watching, listening to, or reading church materials that aim to offer support and a perspective change during challenging times can be an excellent idea. Prayer is always good as well. Fasting too if needed. Many great church materials are available freely on or through the Gospel Library app.

*Psychological Adjustments—if you can somehow effectively think in a more positive way, your mood can naturally improve as well. Resources to help you think in a more positive way and improve your outlook may include self-help books, audios, or videos, individual psychotherapy/counseling, and/or support groups (including online). Just telling yourself to think more positively often isn’t enough. Therefore, please consider utilizing some of these psychological resources and options to give you the extra tools to help boost your mentality and mood.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to boosting your mood, please don’t wait for someone to appear to help you. Also, don’t choose a regrettable escapist activity, such as an addictive or impulsive choice. Instead, please remember and apply the old saying, “if it is to be, it’s up to me”. Be proactive and make healthy and effective choices to lift your mood to a more happy and positive state. Any of the ideas in this article can be good places to start. Please don’t languish and remain in your bad mood. You will be the main one suffering. Instead, you need to take care of you. You will be happier, plus this will help you attract and maintain a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. Because remember, “…neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.”—1 Corinthians 11:11.”

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2020-05-25 Randy Gilchrist Psychological health

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