Hypnosis as a Self-Help Resource

Hypnosis as a Self-Help Resource Hypnosis can be a useful therapeutic resource to promote change, improvement, and goal achievement. It can be a great way to work on any particular area you know you could spend some time working on. With most issues, cares, concerns, challenges, or problems you have struggled with and know you need improvement with, personally and relationally. When used for therapeutic purposes, clinical hypnosis, our church is OK with hypnosis to promote improvement (as opposed to stage hypnosis, which our church has spoken out against participating with).

In the most simplistic way, clinical hypnosis can be understood as a therapeutic technique where the hypnotist (sometimes called a “hypnotherapist”) helps the subject to relax, focus, and be led through certain visuals and concepts promoting improvement on issues the client wants improvement with. The idea is that when the client relaxes and focuses on the words of the therapist, their usual conscious resistances and walls to change naturally lower. This “lowering of resistance” allows the client to then become more open and receptive to the positive suggestions for change that follow from the therapist. A conditioning of the mind in this way then naturally leads to positive behavioral, emotional, and psychological improvements afterwards.

With live, traditional hypnosis, the client goes to the therapist’s office, sits or lies down, closes their eyes, and listens and focuses on the therapist from there. In a self-help format, the therapists speaks to the client in a recorded audio form versus live in the office. The quality and effect are usually rather similar to live hypnosis when done well. However, pre-recorded hypnosis has the advantage of allowing the client to listen to the session recording as many times as possible to allow for more improvement through sheer repetition and practice. In short, self-help prerecorded hypnosis can be a useful, helpful resource to promote change and improvement. Therefore, I recommend it, such as by listening to a hypnosis audio before bed each night.

Hypnosis Recommendations:

1) Option 1: live hypnosis with a therapist. With this option you find a live qualified hypnotist, preferably possessing a graduate level therapy license (versus just possessing a “certification in hypnosis”, a lower designation to do hypnosis). To find such a qualified hypnotist, I recommend looking one up through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis at www.asch.net.

2) Option 2: self-help hypnosis as a pre-recorded audio session. This is where you go a respected company that sells quality pre-recorded hypnosis audio sessions, and then buy and download them. You then listen to these sessions whenever you can simply relax, focus, close your eyes, and pay attention to the audio, usually about 30 minutes. The most popular and convenient time to listen to pre-recorded hypnosis is at night before bed, although any time is fine. A decent website with quality hypnosis recordings, decent prices, and a large selection (over 1200 sessions) is found at www.hypnosisdownloads.com.

Popular Topics for Hypnosis:

Here are a number of common, popular topics and focuses of hypnosis sessions, especially for singles looking to date and have a future successful relationship:

*Weight Loss (healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss motivation)
*Social Anxiety
*People Skills
*Conversation/Communication Skills
*Addictions/Bad Habits (of all varieties)
*Stress and Anxiety Management
*Work/Life Balance
*Let Go of the Past
*Assertiveness and Boundary Setting
*Body Image
*Trust Issues
*And many other issues, challenges, and conditions

Final Thoughts:

Hypnosis is a helpful, useful resource to promote positive change and improvement. As your mind is conditioned towards the right direction, then behaviors, habits, feelings, and mindsets improve as well beyond the hypnosis session into regular life (through what is known as the “post hypnotic suggestions” given throughout the hypnosis sessions). Not sure if hypnosis is for you? Then read up on it more in the information section at www.asch.net. You can know that when a resource in life promotes good, positive, healthy outcomes, you can have confidence in that resource. Clinical hypnosis done right for good purposes from a qualified professional promoting improvement can be considered this way. The effort to improve is worth it. And remember that “…neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.”—1 Corinthians 11:11.

Dr. G
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2021-05-02 Randy Gilchrist Psychological health

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