Being Happy and Healthy

Being Happy and Healthy A common idea shared with singles is that you need to be happy and healthy yourself first, and then you will be more ready to have a healthy relationship with someone else. While there are some different opinions out there on how important this is before your next relationship, it is safe to say that working to be personally healthy, happy, and balanced in a good goal no matter where you are at relationship-wise. In this article, several key areas will be reviewed to help you be happy and healthy in general. I encourage you to apply these ideas accordingly.

Physical Health:

Being physically healthy is very important. If you physically feel “off”, you will also feel “emotionally off” as well. Therefore, getting your physical health together is very important for everyone for many reasons. To be physically healthy, that involves several factors. Are you eating healthy foods? Are you getting regular, moderate exercise? Are you getting regular, adequate sleep? Do you get regular medical checkups? Do you avoid addictive substances? If you take medications, are you following them as described and not abusing them? Do you drink enough water? All of these points are important to help you have good physical health. Working to keep your body mass index (BMI) number under 25.0 is a good goal as well.

Social Health:

We were not meant to be alone as people. Therefore, it is understandable to need others, and to feel lonely if you are not around others enough. Besides dating and having a formal committed relationship, other social relationships matter as well to your social health. Are you regularly connecting with your parents? How about your siblings or extended family? Do you spend time connecting with friends? How well do you get along with others at work and church? Are you mingling with acquaintances and meeting new people? The more you mix positively with others in general, the better social health you will have. If you are more introverted, perhaps you will have lesser needs in this area, but the needs are still there. Do not neglect your social life or your emotions will remind you this area is lacking and needing attention.

Personal Health:

Your personal health involves your status and standing with important personal (“self”) issues. Personal health involves whatever personal areas of your life help you feel personally stimulated, fulfilled, and productive. Are you working, earning adequate money, and supportive yourself? Are you staying on top of your bills? Are you regularly learning new things and stimulating your brain that way? Perhaps taking classes, reading, or researching things? Do you attend therapy or watch/listen to/read useful self-help materials? Are you working on improving yourself? Do you have hobbies? And do you regularly enjoy doing your hobbies? Your personal health matters, and your insides will also remind you if this area is lacking or even missing.

Spiritual Health:

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we have the advantage of getting clear direction of what we can be doing to be spiritually strong and right with the Lord. We learn at church that we will have the Spirit and feel strong spiritually when we basically follow the commandments, as well as regularly pray, read scriptures/other church materials, attend church, fulfill callings, and attend the temple (when worthy). Beyond those usual directives from church, there are some other points to consider regarding spirituality.

How clearly do you understand gospel principles and values? And how closely are you actually living up to these standards? When that which is right and correct spiritually is undefined, or if it is defined but you see yourself living far from those ideals, you will be experiencing a spiritual crisis of sorts. The challenge comes from both defining and living closer to spiritual ideals: principles, values, morals, and ethics. For more information to better learn about such ideals, I recommend reading (or re-reading) the classic church textbook, “Gospel Principles”, available at:

Final Thoughts:

Wherever you are at relationship and dating-wise, working to become as healthy, happy, and balanced as possible is an excellent goal to have. This will help you feel naturally healthier and happier. This is especially true when all four areas of health and happiness are basically addressed, fulfilled, and adhered to day by day. I encourage you to check yourself in these four areas regularly and work to improve yourself in them each day. If you remember the old saying, “if it is to be, it’s up to me”, that approach will be helpful here. You can choose and commit to these healthy ideas to both improve your relationship health, as well as your life more in general. I encourage you to do this. And remember that “…neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.”—1 Corinthians 11:11.

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